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Crawl Space Effecting Air Quality in Toms River, NJ

This customer had fiberglass insulation installed (by others) to help cold floors above.

The before picture shows the unintended side effect of not treating a crawl space problem correctly. The contractor added fiberglass insulation in the crawlsapce ceiling and a plastic liner on the floor. They didn't address moisture in the crawl. The result was, that massive condensation and water in the space all summer. Moisture+ organic materials in a cool dark space = Mold.  

The After picture shows all wet comtaminated materials removed. The space was treated with Mold X cleaner. The crawl was properly sealed and insulated. This #1 sloved the cold floor problem and #2 Keeps the crawl space dry year round, keeping the humidity below levels that mold needs to grow. 

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