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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Toms River, NJ

This customers energy bills were cut in half by a crawlspace encapsulation and airseal and insulation in the attic. This crawlspace already had a thin plastic liner that was only blanketing the dirt where it was not torn. Installing the Clean Space Liner sealed off all the dirt and moisture from the ground protecting the bottom of your home from outside air and moisture build up. Spray foaming the outside walls ensured the aread would stay insulated and keep the floors comfortable.

Spray Foamed Skylight in Colts Neck, NJ

This skylight was letting too much air leak into this customer's home! As you can see in the first picture the fiberglass insulation is all dirty and hanging off of the vertical framing. All that stands between the inside of the house and the attic is that thin piece of sheet rock, which is not stopping the movement of air at all. To solve this issue, Dr. Energy Saver used spray foam to cover the entire skylight. Because it is an expanding foam that stops the movement of air, spraying it around the entire skylight completely seals it from the attic!

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Bradley Beach, NJ

This customer in Bradley Beach had a crawlspace that was cold and wet all year resulting in cold floors in the rooms above the crawlspace. Around the crawlspace was a foundation wall that was only about 2 ft. tall, the rest of the wall was made of dirt that led directly to outside. This also raised some indoor air quality issues due to the amount of debris in the crawlspace. Dr. Energy Saver's solution for this customer was to encapsulate the crawlspace with our CleanSpace liner and seal the walls in closed cell foam to completely block all outside air and debris. The floors above the crawlspace now maintain a moderate temperature thanks to Dr. Energy Saver's solution.

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