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Dave Hoh's Home Comfort & Energy Experts Case Studies: SaniDry Sedona Installation in Oceanport, NJ

Monday, July 9th, 2018 by Ron Perez


This customer from Oceanport, NJ had a severe moisture problem in his basement.  This house was recently built and is already well insulated, but the damp ground around the house was forcing the moisture into the basement that was leaving the rest of the home feeling too humid.  This is common in the Jersey Shore area and can affect the indoor air quality and comfort in the home if it is not properly addressed.  This is because for every degree that the air in the basement drops during the summer after a hot day, it can add 2.2% more Relative Humidity to a basement in a moist environment.   Leaving some basements feeling like a moist cave in the summer.


The best solution to any wet basement or crawlspace is to suck the moisture right out of the air and dehumidify it.  For this customer, we decided the best way to get his basement feeling less moist was to install a SaniDry Sedona with the drain flowing right into the home's "slop sink" in the unconditioned basement.  What better way to do that then using the world's most effective and energy efficient flow through dehumidifier!  Installing a SaniDry Sedona in your musty basement could remove over 100 pints of water per day and can be automatically drained, so it never has to be emptied!  


Call today to learn more about the SaniDry Sedona or to set an energy audit for your home!

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