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Kneewall Space Insulated in Manalapan Township, NJ

A homeowner in Manalapan Township, NJ had a poorly insulated kneewall space. The entrance to the kneewall space was on the 2nd floor in the owner’s spare room’s closet. Our team inspected the kneewall space and found dirty fiberglass insulation. Dirty fiberglass insulation can be signs of air leaking through the insulation. Fiberglass insulation does next to nothing from insulating your house. We use our SilverGlo foam insulation panels, our Blown-in TruSoft Cellulose insulation, our orange ZypFoam sealant and our professional expert’s knowledge to help satisfy all our customers’ needs.

Attic Insulation in Englishtown, NJ

Our customer in Englishtown, NJ needed our help with insulating their attic. Looking at the before picture we can see dirt built up on the fiberglass insulation where the roof meets the attic floor. Remember fiberglass insulation does next to nothing to insulate.

We first spray foamed the rim joists and air sealed the attic. Once our team finishes air sealing the attic we Blow-in our TrueSoft Cellulose insulation. Our customer now enjoys a more comfortable home and cheaper fuel/electric bills.

Crawl Space Insulation in Toms River, NJ

The before photo shows a typical crawl space that meets local building code. However if left as is, this would create moisture, mold, rot and indoor air quality problems.  The crawl is vented and has a 6 mil plastic liner, as per local code. The problem is that warm air moves moves toward colder air. Warm summer air moves through the vents into nice cool crawl space. As the warm air cools, the relative humidity rises 2.2% for every degree it cools. The result is high levels of moisture, on all surfaces, condensation on wood framing, fiberglass insulation and actual pooling on top of the plastic liner.  Water below a house is bad!   You can see where all the summer time puddles evaporated on top of the liner. That moisture went directly into the living space. In winter conditions the air blows right through open vents freezing floors above.

The AFTER picture shows our patented Clean Space crawl encapsulation system and properly insulated crawl space walls. The result is a dry, clean,warm crawl space year round. Reducing energy consumption, improving indoor air quality and protecting the house...

Crawl Space, Toms River NJ

This was a NJ code compliant insulated crawl space.

The before picture shows a typical plastic liner over the earth floor in the crawl. The entire 1200 sq ft of plastic had water pooling on top of it. This was occuring due to warm air migrating towards the cool crawl space all summer long. As the warm air cools the relative humidity increases and condensation happens on every surface. This created a mold condition within less than 2 years of the crawl space being insulated with fiberglass and the liner put down.

The after picture shows our patented CLEAN SPACE crawl encapsulation system, that prevents such moisture problems in a crawl space, will help detect any plumbing leaks, improves the comfort above (warm floors in the winter) and greatly reduces energy consumption. 

Crawl Space Upgrade in Toms River, NJ

This customer in the Silver Ridge development in Toms River NJ found that the crawl spaces in her new home had major concerns. The #1 concern was that there was no insulation in a fully vented crawl space. The second concern was that the moisture level in this crawl space could buckle wood floors above, develop mold, and make the house smell musty in the summer.


The best solution was to have Dave Hoh's Home Comfort & Energy Experts install a patented CLEANSPACE crawl space encapsulation system. This method resulted in a very dry, warm, clean and safe crawl space that will last throughout the life of her home.    


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