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Crawl Before and After in Toms River, NJ

This customer home is a typical split level home. There is a vented crawl space under the living room and kitchen, basically half of the house that is approx 4' high. This space is cold in the winter and damp in the summer contributing to cold floors above, comfort issues.

The pictures show the crawl form the same angle before and after. The solution was to encapsulate the space, install Clean Space liner, over drainage matting with all seams sealed, insulate walls with 2" Silver glo boards, with all seams sealed, and seal and insulate the rim joist with 2" closed cell spray foam.  This effectively brings the space inside the thermal envelope, keeping it warm and dry!!!   Looks good too. 

Attic Deck in Toms River, NJ

These customers had no place for storage in their large attic, they were forced to walk along 4" wide boards across the framing of the house. After reaching out to Dr. Energy Saver for insulation solutions they were pleased to find that they could choose to add a storage deck in their attic. The customers chose to install an attic super deck which is plywood with cellulose densely packed underneath to ensure the area is insulated. After airsealing around the chimney, plywood was cut to create a sturdy and safe storage area to walk on and also created a dam between the 16" of cellulose that was used to insulate the rest of the attic. 

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Toms River, NJ

This customers energy bills were cut in half by a crawlspace encapsulation and airseal and insulation in the attic. This crawlspace already had a thin plastic liner that was only blanketing the dirt where it was not torn. Installing the Clean Space Liner sealed off all the dirt and moisture from the ground protecting the bottom of your home from outside air and moisture build up. Spray foaming the outside walls ensured the aread would stay insulated and keep the floors comfortable.

Attic Insulation in Howell, NJ

This customer had many of the common issues in his 2 story home. The second floor was cold in the winter, uncomfortably hot in the summer and high utility bills.

The before picture shows less than 6" of fiberglass insulation, deteriorated ductwork and insulation voids on a large kneewall.

The after pictures shows that the far kneewall was sealed and sheathed with 2" poly iso R-13 boards, the attic flat was thoroughly air sealed and approx 14" of cellulose insulation was added resulting in R-60+ insulation.  

The results are a reduction of excessive air leakage by over 60%!!, greatly improved ductwork efficiency, improved indoor air quality and optimum level of safe healthy insulation.  

It is like we pulled a heavy wool blanket over the home, keeping heat inside in the winter and out in the summer.


Failing Sump Pump Replacement in Farmingdale, NJ

This sump pump in Farmingdale, NJ was held together by duct tape and was no longer triggering itself when it needed to pump out water of the pit in this crawlspace. By installing a brand new SmartSump we were able to ensure that the water pooling below the crawlspace will not affect the foundation and will be pumped out of the house. Paired along with a full crawlspace encapsulation this customer has nothing to worry about with moisture affecting their home or their indoor air quality.

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