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Spray Foamed Skylight in Colts Neck, NJ

This skylight was letting too much air leak into this customer's home! As you can see in the first picture the fiberglass insulation is all dirty and hanging off of the vertical framing. All that stands between the inside of the house and the attic is that thin piece of sheet rock, which is not stopping the movement of air at all. To solve this issue, Dr. Energy Saver used spray foam to cover the entire skylight. Because it is an expanding foam that stops the movement of air, spraying it around the entire skylight completely seals it from the attic!

Soffit Vent Installation in Sea Girt, NJ

This customers attic was sweating! After he installed his own insulation, he compromised the attics ventilation system. Without fresh air being able to properly cycle through your attic, it will become humid and moisture will start to form on the framing and insulation in the attic. He called in the professionals to come clean up the mess. Dr. Energy Saver's team was able to correct the ventilation issues and saved this homeowners roof and insulation from rotting due to moisture.

Attic Reinsulation in Sea Girt, NJ

This house in Sea Girt, NJ's lack of insulation in the attic was not keeping the customers heated or cooled air inside of the home. Allowing this air to escape your home means you are spending more money to heat and cool than you should, and tyou are not as comfortable as you could be in your home! You can see the difference after adding 11" of cellulose, how it looks like a warm wool blanket pulled over the top of the house. With no cracks or gaps for the air to go, it is forced to remain in the house. Simply upgrading your insulation can yield amazing results in both comfort in the home, and savings on energy costs.

Attic insulation in Neptune, NJ

This is a typical attic in a 1970's age home in Neptune, NJ. The before picture shows the 2x6x16 ceiling rafters with 3" fiberglass insulation batts between rafters. The AFTER pictures shows the same area, picture taken from a storage deck, but shows approx 17" of cellulose insulation installed. 

The original insulation at 3" with numerous gaps, voids and depressions was functioning at approx R-5 as rated by the Building Performance Institute. The installed cellulose functions at an effective R-60+, which is considered optimum in this climate. 

Call us and find out all the benefits of Cellulose insulation.

Super Attic in Spring Lake, NJ

This home is a 100+ year old house on a slab, with minimal storage space. The customer also had comfort issues, to hot upstairs in the summer.  The before picture shows the attic space used for storage along with the central heating and coolng system in the attic. This is very inefficient space for storage of mechanical systems. It gets up to 140 degrees in the summer. The AFTER pictures shows a completed super attic, where the air and thermal boundry is moved to the roof line, bringing the space inside. Now the attic is always with a few degrees of the conditioned space below and suitable for storage. This solution provides excellent insulation performance and maintains a fully vented roof assembly. Nice

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