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Dave Hoh's Home Comfort & Energy Experts Case Studies: Super Deck

Friday, June 2nd, 2017 by David Hoh


Stop the new roof from rotting!





This customer was referred to us by a roofer. The issue was in the winter, the underside of the roof deck was getting wet enough to ice up and would quickly rot the new roof. Wet roofs can also have a major impact on indoor air quality, as they will grow mold.

We found the attic had little to no insulation and many holes between the house and the attic. This allows warm conditioned air to leak up into the attic. When warm air hits the cold roof deck, it condenses forming water. (in this case a lot). As the home is located very close to water and build over a crawl space the attic is also used for storage.

The solution was to air seal all the cracks, gaps and holes, then install a SUPER DECK, which is a insulated storage deck.

This solution accomplished several things- #1 It stopped the condensation on the roof deck. #2 It super insulated the home improving comfort and greatly reducing energy consumption. #3 Created a solid usable storage area.   Call us to find out more about super decks!

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