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Dave Hoh's Home Comfort & Energy Experts Case Studies: Cellulose Dense Pack From Inside the Home in Neptune, NJ

Friday, July 14th, 2017 by Ron Perez


This customer was set on having their walls insulated with cellulose for its awesome insulation and noise deadening abilities. What made this job special though was the lack of access on the outside of the house to fill the walls. A lot of surface area on the side of the home was covered by bushes and trees making taking the siding off and drilling and filling the wall an extremely difficult job. 


After deciding the best course of action with homeowner, we decided that filling the walls from the inside would be our best solution. Dr. Energy Saver's crew drilled the holes to access the cavity from the inside, then after the cavities were filled the holes were patched and spackled over. This allowed us to keep the shrubbery and landscaping around the house looking pristine.

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