Benefits of Our Newest Insulation: ProWool

ProWool Loosely Blown into an Attic

When insulating your home, it is important to choose the product that will perform the best in your home and keep your family healthy! Our newest product ProWool was featured product at the American Lung Association Healthy Home 2018, which will be built under the Association's Health guidelines that focus on a greener and nontoxic home.

ProWool, is a lot like our favorite product, cellulose, but it is a mineral rockwool rather than a recycled material. ProWool can also be blown into a house loosely, or densely packed into an enclosed cavity. Both products outperform fiberglass insulation but, ProWool is the only product that can claim it is absolutely incombustible, dustless, and naturally resists mold and mildew. 

Prowool also has an NRC sound rating of .95 at 3" thick, which means it will stop 95% of sound energy passing through. In contrast to cellulose which contains boric acid, the ProWool has absolutely no chemical additives. These factors make ProWool one of the healthiest and most effective insulators on the market today.

Could ProWool be the insulation for your home?

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