DH Services Breaks Down the Gas vs. Oil Debate

Friday, January 27th, 2012

DH Services Breaks Down the Gas vs Oil Debate - Image 1When it comes to purchasing a new home or updating your HVAC system, one of the biggest debates can be whether to go with gas or oil. There are advantages and disadvantages to each and at DH Services, we think it’s important that you know that these advantages and disadvantages are! Next time you’re looking into a new home or HVAC update, you’ll have all the information you need to decide whether to use gas or oil!


People who choose a gas HVAC system generally choose it because it burns clean, is very efficient and because it costs less than oil. Another reason to choose gas is because it will never run out. Across the United States, gas is the most commonly found. With these advantages come some disadvantages though. If you choose gas, you will have to give up the ability to shop around for the best price and pay the gas company’s prices.


Oil systems are most commonly found in the Northeast United States. You might choose an oil system because it gives off more heat per unit. With proper maintenance, oil also burns clean. Unlike with gas, you will be able to shop around for the best price, but oil does tend to be more expensive. A major disadvantage to oil is that you do risk running out of oil. It is also messy to clean up if you don’t take proper care of your system.

While there are some major differences between these two systems, there are also some things the two have in common. Both systems will provide heat throughout your home and both rely on burners to do so. They are both safe and reliable and there is no real winner when deciding between the two! Whichever system is a better fit for your home is the one you should go with. At DH Services, we can help install either one! ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on our products and services and schedule your appointment with us today!

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