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This customer in Point Pleasant, NJ was facing a serious dilemma.  His wife had developed a serious allergy to specific chemicals which was prohibiting her from living in a normal home.  These chemicals can be found in many household items and has forced her to move into a medically sealed trailer for the time being, leaving her with symptoms of her condition even after just being in contact with her husband!  This has caused the couple to have to completely renovate the inside of the home using healthy products and have to remove any harmful materials, including the fiberglass insulation that was currently in the home.  Luckily for these customers, we at Dr. Energy Saver have access to the world's safest and most effective insulation available. This product is called ProWool and is a mineral rockwool insulation that has no chemical additives and is completely dustless and naturally resists mold and mildew.  It has been directly recommended by the American Lung Association as the safest insulation to build with in their Healthy Home 2018.  This will allow the homeowner to live comfortably and safely from the harmful chemicals and materials associated with some other insulation.

To give his wife a sanctuary, the homeowner wanted to use the second floor to give her somewhere where she is safe from any harmful substances in the air.  This style home left only 6 inch gaps between parts of the Sheetrock and the roof line, so this meant that it would take a unique approach to ensure the top of the house was properly sealed.  Using Foamax rigid foam board, we sealed the bottom of the roof slopes that would not be inside of the conditioned space to add extra insulation to the area.  Then we used standard insulation webbing to insulate in between the rest of the framing along the sloped interior walls and on top of the ceiling.  Using 6 inches of densely packed ProWool along the entire length of the roof line will seal the entire roof line and provide the best insulation barrier for the top of the house.  14" of ProWool also covers the ceiling of the top floor.  After the completed insulation, a vapor barrier control system was installed over the top of the insulation webbing, ensuring that the insude of the home will be protected and the insulation will remain in tact.  This home solution will allow this customer to get back into her home sooner than expected and will provide her with a healthy and safe environment.

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