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Attic Insulation in Howell, NJ

This customer had many of the common issues in his 2 story home. The second floor was cold in the winter, uncomfortably hot in the summer and high utility bills.

The before picture shows less than 6" of fiberglass insulation, deteriorated ductwork and insulation voids on a large kneewall.

The after pictures shows that the far kneewall was sealed and sheathed with 2" poly iso R-13 boards, the attic flat was thoroughly air sealed and approx 14" of cellulose insulation was added resulting in R-60+ insulation.  

The results are a reduction of excessive air leakage by over 60%!!, greatly improved ductwork efficiency, improved indoor air quality and optimum level of safe healthy insulation.  

It is like we pulled a heavy wool blanket over the home, keeping heat inside in the winter and out in the summer.


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