Before & After

Crawl Space Insulation with Vents in Long Branch, NJ

This homeowner in Long Branch, NJ needed our help insulating their crawl space. Vented crawl spaces need to be sealed properly to prevent outside air from seeping into the crawl space or house. When hot or cold air vents into the crawl space it causes cold floors, drafts above the crawl space, cools heating ducts, causes relative humidity, condensation, odors, pests, mold, rot and more.

We first spray foamed the rim joist, and then our team fastens a piece of our SilverGlo insulation panel over the crawl space vents. Next we installed our SilverGlo insulation panels over the concrete blocks. Finally we use orange ZypFoam sealant to seal the seams of the SilverGlo panels.

Our customer now has a more comfortable house, lower fuel and electric bills.