Before & After

Interior Wall Exposed to a Hot/Cold Attic in Marlboro, NJ

In Marlboro, NJ this homeowner has their attic located above the garage. This attic has an interior wall that connects to an adjoining room. The adjoining room of the attic and on the first floor next to the garage (office and laundry room) gets too cold or too hot depending on the seasons. To remedy the cold or hot rooms our team fastened and sealed our SilverGlo insulation boards to the attic side of the interior walls. This helps maintain the houses thermal barrier from the attic. Next we air sealed the attic and installed soft pink barriers to contain our blown-in TruSoft cellulose insulation. By blowing in our TruSoft insulation above the office and laundry room, we are able to contain the thermal barrier of the house from the attic.