Before & After

Replaced AC Air Handler, Ductwork & Insulation in Manalapan Township, NJ

A homeowner in Manalapan Township, NJ had an attic with poor insulation. When looking further into the attic we found the AC air handler and ductwork in horrible condition. The attic can reach temperatures over 140 degrees. If the owner’s ducts are leaky and the AC air handler is pumping hot attic air back into the house, then this can explain why the owner cannot maintain a properly conditioned home.

Our team of experts replaced all the trunks, ducts and the AC air handler with new ones. Once the equipment is properly installed and we remove all the old insulation, we will air seal the attic by using our orange ZypFoam sealant. Next we air seal the attic, then we will start to create our retaining walls to help retain the cellulose insulation. Finally, we blow-in our TruSoft cellulose insulation.

This homeowner now has a more comfortable and energy efficient home.