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Duct Encapsulation in Brick, NJ

This customer in Brick, NJ just had a new HVAC system installed by another company that does HVAC work.  Unfortunately, this company did not really care about the efficiency of the ducts that were supposed to carry the system's air into the home.  And the brand new system that was installed, was effectively useless.  The homeowners did not feel any more comfortable than they did before, defeating the purpose of installing a new system to get more comfortable.  

Unsure of what to do now, the customer reached out to Dr. Energy Saver Jersey Shore for any solutions to his problem.  We had just the thing, encapsulating their ducts with 2" of reflective polyiso board and 2" of expanding spray foam to fully seal one of the leakiest parts of the system.  Encapsulating these ducts will protect the conditioned air that the system is creating by completely air seal ensuring them so none will leak out into the attic before it gets to the inside of your house.  Additionally, now that the air is being kept in the ducts, it is also insulated by 2" of foam with an R-Value(resistance to heat movement) of R-13, rather than just an 1/8" piece of sheet metal with virtually no R-Value.  This left the system operating more efficiently while making a tremendous difference in comfort in the home. 

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