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Attic Insulation and HVAC Equipment in Pt. Pleasant NJ

Upgrading insulation and access to the homes heating and cooling system in the attic of this 1954 built small ranch style home in Pt. Pleasant NJ.  The before picture here shows an attic with virtually no effective insulation, numerous recessed lights and many electrical wire penetrations. All these penetrations are holes that let heat out in the winter and heat in, in the summer. The predominate insulation was the original 3" fiberglass batts with many gaps, voids and depressions.  The 3" fiberglass batts in a perfect world would yield an insulation value of approx R-11.   However being in pretty poor condition from years of use and many remodeling projects in the living space below the effective insulation value would be less than R-6.  Two things, #1 the higher the R-Value the more resistant to heat flow through the material and #2  Today's recommended R-Values in our climate are from R-49 (minimum) to R-60 (optimum).

The after picture shows a properly air sealed and insulated attic to R-60 with a well defined sealed access deck to the heating and cooling system for service and possible replacement in the future.   

The overall result of this project reduced excessive air leakage by a large percentage, increased insulation to R-60 with our patented Tru Soft cellulose insulation, reduced energy consumption by > 35% (as modeled as the New Jersey Clean Energy program), allowed great access to attic mechanical equipment and improved indoor air quality!     Note: The Tru Soft is very green, safe and healthy as well as out performs fiberglass insulation by 40%.


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