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Insulation Services Case Studies: Bathtub and Floor Insulation in Ocean Grove, NJ

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 by Ron Perez


This customer's 100 year old house in Ocean Grove was suffering from cold floors, bathrooms, and freezing pipes. Dr. Energy Saver figured out that an addition to the house was not given a proper foundation, the floor framing just laid on the dirt. This left the customer and her plumbing completely exposed to the elements, resulting in pipes that burst from freezing during the winter. This also left her floor exposed to outside temperatures making it uncomfortable to walk on.


Dr. Energy Saver knew just how to help this customer through their many home solutions. A lot of air was moving through the home through a large bathtub that was located inside the addition to the home. There was a large flow of air through the area and the tub was freezing to sit in. Dr. Energy cut holes in the wall behind the tub from the outside to fill the area between the tub and the wall with densely packed cellulose insulation, protecting it from outside air. Under the floor Dr. Energy had to find a different solution, since cellulose is biodegradable it would not last under the house exposed to the outside. Pourable closed cell foam is the only insulation that would effectively insulate the inaccessible cavity. By lifting the kitchen floor tiles we were able to gain access to the cavities by drilling holes in the floor and fill whole framing bays with pourable expanding foam. This solved this customers very unique problem and created a comfortable home to enjoy.

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