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Insulation Services Case Studies: Ducts Exposed to Outside Air in Fair Haven, NJ

Friday, February 16th, 2018 by Ron Perez


These customers in Fair Haven were tired of their Cape Cod style home's second floor feeling like an icebox in the winter. Not knowing how to solve the issue, they called Dr. Energy Saver to come diagnose their home's problem. What Dr. Energy found was that the homes framework between the first and second floor was exposed to the outside air through the eaves of the roofline. Not only will this leave the rooms above and below that cavity freezing, but it leaves the thin sheet metal ducts running through the cavity completely exposed to outside tempatures, meaning your conditioned air is being warmed or cooled by the outside air while still in the ducts before it reaches you. 


Stopping the movement of air into the framing cavities will stop the cold from disrupting the customers in their home. To do this, we sealed the cavities so that we could then fill up the empty space with densely packed cellulose to ensure that the area was completely insulated and not allowing any outside air to pass through the framing of the house. This left the second floor that was unbearably cold at a comfortable and moderate tempature like the rest of the house.

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