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Insulation Services Case Studies: Open Wall Framing Insulation in Middletown, NJ

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 by Ron Perez


This family was newly renovating their second floor when they contacted Dr. Energy Saver about possible insulation solutions for their second floor's exterior walls. The homeowners did their research and found all of the great perks of using cellulose in your walls, which include sound proofing which will allow their newborn baby to sleep through the night without being disturbed. The only problem was, there was no sheetrock hanging up due to the ongoing renovations, so dense packing the walls with cellulose can't be done without an enclosed cavity. But, this isn't a problem for Dr. Energy Saver.


Dr. Energy was able to hang insulweb, insulation webbing onto the walls wooden framing. This allowed for the crew to fill the bays with insulation even before the homeowners finish their current renovations. Now, the other contractors can just hang sheetrock over the insulweb and this will let the customers avoid having to drill a hole in newly installed sheetrock or make them wait until there is sheetrock on the wall to gain the benefits of cellulose insulation. 

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