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Insulation Services Case Studies: Attic pull down stairs waste energy in Sea Girt, NJ.

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The challenge for most homes with attic pull downstairs is that these assemblies leak massive amounts of air.

This air leakage loses a tremendous amount of air you paid to heat, all winter. This air leakage lets in large amounts of very hot contaminated attic air in the summer.

Overall, this attic pulls down stairs contribute to high energy bills, comfort issues, and poor indoor air quality.


The best solution to fix leaky attic pull down stairs and maintain access to your attic is to install a David Lewis pull-down stair cover.   This units are made of 4" R20 patented Silver Glo rigid insulation board with a radiant barrier.     The result is no more air leakage between the house and the attic.   One small improvement like this can greatly improve energy saving, comfort, and indoor air quality.