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This customer's attic was lacking the insulation needed to keep their home comfortable during the winter and summer. Dr. Energy Saver found that they were under insulated according to the International Energy Conservation Code, which requires insulation of R-60 but these customers only had 8" fiberglass insulation batts maximally rated at about R-27. To get to R-60, the fiberglass will be covered with 11" of loosely blown cellulose. To keep storage space and access to the mechanicals in the attic, Dr. Energy kept the cureent storage deck but densely packed cellulose insulation underneath in ensure the area under the deck is insulated as well.
Another major problem this customer saw in their attic was a large kneewall exposing a long skylight bay to the attic because it had the same flimsy fiberglass hanging off of it, barely insulating the wall. This was covered with 2" reflective polyisocyanurate foam board to encapsulate the fiberglass to maximize the R-value and reflect heat.
After employing these solutions, the customers could see a night and day difference in the comfortability and efficiency of their home.

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