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Insulation Services Photo Album: Tight Crawlspace Encapsulation in Brick, NJ

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This family in Brick, NJ was tired of their home's floors being freezing to the touch during the cold winter months. Desperately wanting to ditch their slippers, they called Dr. Energy Saver for a solution. Dr. Energy quickly realized that this problem was stemming from an uninsulated crawlspace beneath the homes first floor. In order to stop the cold air from freezing the floors, Dr. Energy completely sealed the crawlspace from the outside air and ensured that the cavity wouldn't have any cold outside air running right beneath the floors of the home. To do this, we used our patented CleanSpace crawlspace liner which acts as a moisture and vapor barrier sealing the crawlspace from any potential moisture or cold air. This liner is laid on top of a raised dimple drainage mat, which as acts a thermal break between the floor and the liner, as well as to protect it from tears or abrasions and to allowe water to flow to the proper drainage areas sealed away and under the mat. This sealing, along with 2" polyisocyanurate foam board along the exterior walls and rimjoist of the crawl space to insulate foundation, and stop the cold from leaking through the foundation walls.  The homeowners could immediately notice the difference in the comfort level of their home, allowing them to get rid of their slippers and enjoy being comfortable in their own home.

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