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These customers in Brick, NJ were tired of being uncomfortable in their own home due to a lack of insulation covering their home. They did the smart thing and called Dr. Energy Saver for possible solutions to the problem their home was facing. Along with many other homeowners in NJ, these customers had dirty, outdated fiberglass insulation that has not been keeping up with the weather. It was time for a change, and these customers knew Dr. Energy Saver had the best product for them, cellulose insulation. Along with airsealing the entire attic, cellulose insulation can be one of the most effective solutions to a home that leaks a lot of air. Covering the entire attic flat with loose-fill insulation can essentially act like a wool blanket being pulled over your home, it will not allow any conditioned air from your HVAC units to escape or any outside air to penetrate to top of your home. Along with the cellulose insulation, Dr. Energy has now installed a walking/storage deck in the attic for access to the far side of the attic and give space for the homeowner to store whatever they please. This new insulation has maximized both the comfort and energy efficiency of the home, leaving the homeowners finally comfortable in their own home.

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