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These customers in Brick, NJ recently felt that their insulation wasn't performing the way it should be. They were right, their dirty, thin, and exposed fiberglass batts were under-performing due to all of the dirt, and debris, as well as the fact that the attic wasn't air sealed either. They did the right thing and called Dr. Energy Saver Jersey Shore for possible insulation solutions. It was clear that the home needed the classic air seal and insulate that Dr. Energy will recommend to anyone's attic who is not sealed or has less than R-60 insulation. While leaving them a large attic deck for storage, Dr. Energy was able to take care of the attics issues and properly air seal and insulate so that the home wouldn't be losing conditioned air through the uninsulated attic anymore. After installing 17.5" of cellulose, the home's insulation value was upped to the recommended R-value of 60 for this climate zone. This left the homeowners feeling comfortable in their home, and spending less to heat and cool the house!

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