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Insulation Services Photo Album: Attic and Crawlspace Insulation in Brick, NJ

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These customers in Brick, NJ needed an upgrade from their old dirty attic insulation, which wasn't keeping their air conditioned or heated air inside of the home. Additionally, they felt that their floors were cold during the winter. So they called Dr. Energy Saver Jersey Shore for possible insulation solutions to their problems. 

After a quick diagnosis, it was clear that their old, dirty fiberglass needed to be covered with cellulose insulation and that any cracks, gaps, and holes below the insulation will also be filled with spray foam in order to completely air seal the whole attic flat. 11" of cellulose was added to maximize the insulation R-Value to R-60. This should leave the house feeling comfortable and not losing as much conditioned air.

To stop the cold floor phenomenon, Dr. Energy Saver recommended insulating and encapsulating the crawlspace so that it is sealed and separated from the outside air which is affecting the indoor comfort in the home. 2" reflective foam board covers the wall and the rim joist, adding around R-14 in insulation. Then the entire floor is covered and sealed with our patented CleanSpace crawlspace liner which completely block the passage of any moisture through the liner. This will keep the entire crawlspace insulated against air and moisture, and keep the home healthier with improved air quality.

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