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This customer from Brick, NJ was tired of the only electric utilities in her adult community leaving her with a high electric bill. She knew that heating and cooling the house too much would make the bills worse and worse every second the AC or heat is running. So she did the smart thing and called Dr. Energy Saver to see what she could do to alleviate her bill problem. We had just the solution, a traditional "air-seal and insulate" in the attic, where we closed all cracks, gaps, holes with expanding spray foam to stop all air leakage through the attic. After the sealing, we added a full 11" of cellulose insulation on top of the already existing fiberglass insulation to up the attic's total R-Value to R-60. (Max Recommended in this climate zone) After the completed job it is like the home has a wool blanket pulled over the top, which will keep any outside air out and any conditioned air in!

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