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In this home in Brielle, NJ, the customer's knew their fiberglass insulation batts were not performing as well as the attic insulation could. Only 6 inches worth of fiberglass insulation holds only an R-Value of R-19, which will protect the house less than a third as much as the R-60 amount of cellulose we installed in the attic. In order for these homeowners to allow their attic perform at it's max efficiency, along with adding insulation, the attic needs to be air-sealed. Air-sealing the attic will block any free openings for air to escape the inside of the home through the attic.

Instead of covering the existing insulation with our cellulose, the customers preferred that it be completely removed, because Indoor Air Quality was one of their main concerns when designing the best solution for their home. With their new cellulose, and unlike most homes, they won't have to worry about their insulation causing them any health problems because it is completely safe and harmless for humans. Most of the dust you see in your house today is actually fiberglass particulate floating down from your attic through an attic flat that has no air sealing. 

The customers also opted to have a storage deck built and insulated so that they can store some items in the attic and out of sight, while still maintaining a high performing attic. Along with spraying the insulation all over the attic, we also covered the exposed duct runs. This will help keep the conditioned air running through the ducts from escaping and keep the outside temperatures away from that air. 

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