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Insulation Services Photo Album: Major Air Quality Improvement in Farmingdale, NJ

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These customers in Farmingdale, NJ were suffering from indoor air quality issues in their home. It got so bad that every morning they would need to go outside to get some fresh air after waking up, even in the dead of winter. They made the right move calling the Home Comfort & Energy Experts, we were able to quickly diagnose their main issue affecting the indoor air quality in their home. It was clear that their bug and rodent infested crawlspace, riddled with dirty fiberglass, and moisture coming from the ground was having the worst effect on the home. Typically, in a house, 60% of the air you breathe comes from below the home due to stack effect. This air problem paired with the fact that the ducts for the HVAC system in the crawlspace were completely unsealed and uninsulated, meant that all of the nasty moisture and other things in the air were finding their way into the duct system and then into the house. The great news for the customer was that we have a solution to this problem! First, we had to completely remove all of the old insulation that was down in the crawlspace because the fiberglass batts were contributing to the particles in the air. Then we laid down our CleanSpace Liner on the floor of the crawlspace to seal away all of the moisture coming from below. Then we installed our SilverGlo insulation on the walls and rim joist, replacing the old fiberglass insulation and now stopping any outside air from coming through the concrete blocks and creating a complete seal between the inside and the outside of the crawlspace. Now the homeowners won't have to worry about any harmful moisture or air particles coming from below or getting into their duct system. 

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