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Exterior Wall Dense Pack in Ocean Grove, NJ

This customer's front wall was getting hit with direct wind because his home was facing a lake in Ocean Grove, NJ. It was leaving his home uncomfortable because they could feel a draft while sitting in their living room right inside the wall. It was also across from a busy main street in Asbury, so it sometimes got kind of loud in the house from across the street. Dense packing the wall will both seal and insulate the wall, stopping any draft or other effects from the harsh winds. It will also reduce the noise the customers are dealing with from across the street from the shops and leave them feeling more comfortable in their home.

Densely packing cellulose inside the wall from outside of the home is simple and not destructive. You can easily remove a row of siding and drill a hole in the wood below to access the cavities. Then, after you are done you can just plug the hole and reinstall the siding without a problem.