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This customers home was right on Wesley Lake in Ocean Grove, NJ facing the busy storefronts on the Asbury side of the lake. They felt they were subject to unobstructed winds blowing directly into the front of their house which then was causing comfort issues in the home, but not on the side of their house because of the close proximity of the neighbors houses. Additionally, they felt their uninsulated crawlspace was leaving their floors cold above it. With this list of issues, they called Dr. Energy Saver for possible solutions to their home's problems. This wasn't your typical job though, because this home, was inaccessible from the street! So our crew had to take our smaller, lighter machine off of the truck and carry it 100 yards to the front of the house in order to be able to properly install cellulose.

One of Dr. Energy Saver's most effective home solutions was applied in this situation, to densepack the front walls of the house tightly, with cellulose insulation. The customers will not only have their walls R-value increased to roughly R-14 (highest amount that will fit in the wall), but dense packing also creates an air tight seal in your walls so now no air can move through the framing cavities at all. Additionally, with the noisy main street just across the lake, the customers will be able to benefit from the noise reducing properties of cellulose, allowing less noise to be able to make its way into the home.

To insulate the crawlspace, we used the patented CleanSpace liner to encapsulate the entire crawlspace floor. Then we sealed the exterior walls and the rim joist with 2" reflective polyisocyanurate foam board in order insulate the space from the outside air. Doing this will keep the cold air out of their crawlspace, and also will encapsulate all of the nasty moisture and air that can leak out of the crawlspace, leaving a healthier home for the customers. 

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