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Testimonial Photo by Howard S.
I called my sales representative during our insulation job, very concerned. One of the crew accidentally cracked the living room ceiling. Altough they assured me the company would take care of it, we had problems with other contractors before.  The owner called and also assured me he would repair, paint and make sure we were satified. He suggested withholding a portion of the job cost until we were happy.  As he said, Eddie the painter came over promptly completed the repair and painting. It looks better than before. What I said was, it's a pleasure to work with professionals who deliver what was promised. When I had a concern, they took care or it without question. The work turned out great. Thank You,  H.S. Toms River
Howard S. of Toms River, NJ
Friday, March 11th
Testimonial Photo by Carolyn P.
We originally called Dr. Energy Saver after seeing their crawlspace solutions on their website. We wanted to have something done about our dirty and damp crawlspace because our wood floors were freezing in the winter. When we saw the Clean Space Liner and how it looked in other crawlspaces we knew that it would help our problem. What we did not expect is how much it actually made a difference! Our floors have been comfortable year round and has saved us more than Dave told us it would in energy! 
Carolyn P. of Toms River, NJ
Wednesday, August 2nd
Irene called Dr. Energy Saver because she just wasn't feeling comfortable in her Toms River home because of the hot and cold spots everywhere. After Dr. Energy completed our comprehensive diagnosis, we found that Irene's home was lacking the proper insulation it needed in order to keep Irene and her family comfortable through the extreme weather. After choosing Dr. Energy to solve her home's problems Irene was excited to report that she 'now can relax in shorts and a t-shirt in the middle of winter' which she never could before in her own home!
Irene K. of Toms River, NJ
Friday, February 16th
Testimonial Photo by Dennis O.
During my job site visit to confirm installation details, I (Dave the Owner) met the homeowner Dennis. As we walked through the project he commented that the 2nd floor, which consisted of 3 bedrooms and a bathroom, felt notably better, and the work wasn’t even 100% complete yet. One of the common issues with this type of home, is that the upper level is cold and drafty in the winter and much hotter in the summer. To the point where they typically would install window air conditioners to help. This is a Levitt built home from the 1970’s. This is a two story home on a slab foundation, with one Heating and cooling system located in a garage utility room. The problem is that the home has large under insulated attic flats, vertical walls on the 2nd floor between the unconditioned attic space and the bedrooms, (called knee walls), a large sky light well and the main heating and cooling return duct is 100% in the attic space. The duct is not insulated properly and has many small holes where it pulls in either very hot air in summer, very cold air in the winter and nasty fiberglass particulate every time it runs. The combination of these issues created a uncomfortable home that cost too much to heat and cool year round. These types of issues should be addressed by professionals who understand how buildings work. Improper air sealing or insulation can create ventilation, moisture and combustion appliance problems if not done correctly. 
Dennis O. of Freehold, NJ
Wednesday, June 7th
Hello Jim,  This is wonderful news. Appreciate your guiding us through the process. Thanks to you, Dave, and the rest of the team. I will surely share your name with my friends and family if they are ever in need of your services. Very professional all the way around.    Kind regards,  Michele and Carlton 
Michele & Carlton C. of Brick Township, NJ
Friday, February 5th
Incredible attention to Quality. The materials & Craftsmanship exceed our expectations. Our home is absolutly warmer, definitely draft free now and as a bonus is quieter. I would recommend Dr. Energy Saver division of DH Services for anyone who wants a warmer house. 
Frank H. of Matawan, NJ
Tuesday, April 18th
During our quality inspection of Helen's attic insulation project, she had let us know that she was very happy with the company, crew and results.    Helen had cold drafts and comfort issues between her 1st and second floor in her Sea Girt, NJ townhome. We performed attic air sealing and insulation  to reduce drafts and keep in much more heat in the winter as well as keep heat out in the summer. Additionally the fire place had major drafts causing the living room to be cold. This was sealed and properly insulated from outside. 
Helen S. of Sea Girt, NU
Thursday, May 14th
Testimonial Photo by Michelle K.
Thanks, Dave for taking a few minutes of your time to chat with me about the possible overheating of the second attic and for offering your opinion re: Air Conditioning.   Your crews did a great job. And cleaned up after themselves. Almost unheard of anymore. Thanks.
Michelle K. of Belmar, NJ
Monday, June 11th
Testimonial Photo by Paul K.
Paul K. called Dr. Energy Saver Jersey Shore because his home a few blocks from the beach was subject to a lot of noise. He wanted to be able to sleep in or focus during the day on his second floor without having to deal with any distractions. Dr. Energy suggested one of our most effective sound proofing methods, dense packing the second floor walls with cellulose. After a summer with the treatment, Paul was happy to report to Dr. Energy that he could see a noticeable decrease in noise between 25-30% on the second floor due to the sound deadening of the cellulose.
Paul K. of Spring Lake, NJ
Friday, September 8th
Dear Dave, I wanted again to thank you for all you have done to help me and Jessica's family by the way of preparing and now providing your services for the Randi Way property. You are truly a outstanding and exceptional businessman and person from what I personally know of you. I never doubted your integrity and trusted you and believed in your sincerity. I believe you have been very fair with us! Additionally, I hired you as a consulatant and have yet to receive your billing. I will never forget your help and kindness in our time of need. As you have seen first hand, many people have come to our aid and words can not express fully our true feeling. Kind Regards, Peter R.
Peter R. of Neptune, NJ
Tuesday, March 15th
Testimonial Photo by Jason & Danielle R.
Thank you so much for making our home comfortable for our new baby boy! You guys were a pleasure to work with and we will be sure to refer you!
Jason & Danielle R. of Middletown, NJ
Monday, October 15th
Dear Mr. Hoh It was a pleasure doing business with your company. Your sales representative did an excellent job with his presentation. He was honest and sincere about the product he was selling. He showed us a demonstration of why trusoft cellulose is a better way to insulate the attic and the savings we will realize in the future. The team that performed the work in our house are very professional and I would recommend your company and this team to anyone looking to do these types of energy saving projects! Before starting the work the team leaders Alex and Walt introduced themselves to along with the rest of the team. They explained exactly what they be doing from from putting down drop clothes throughout the access of the work area, the attic. I watched them as performed their work, they worked together as a team. The took their breaks which one can sympathize with. Working in the attic on those hot days was brutal. Their coveralls were completely soaked with perspiration.  All I can say, great work guys pleasure knowing you. Thank you to Colleen, she was very professional dealing with me on the phone to set up a date and time for the project to start. Answered all my questions. To you Mr. Hoh thank you for fixing the slight gas leak that you found during your inspection. Thank you also for your professionalism conducting your walk through after the job was completed and performing the various tests to ensure that what the sale representative said would be done was in fact completed. You have a very professional company. Emilio P.      
Emilio P. of New Monmouth, NJ
Thursday, July 18th
It is 90 degrees outside and the upstairs ac has barely run today, the temperature is set at 74 degrees! That's great before it would run all day and not even keep up with where we have the temperature set. Thank you,
Laurie C. of Red Bank, NJ
Friday, August 9th
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